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Our teams typically resolve an average of 4,000+ tickets each month.

We can service any and every part of your physical network and are proficient in installing, troubleshooting & maintaining any type of network hardware and power components.

Of course we cover all the routine maintenance basics,  such as power cycling and soft-booting a router, server, and switch; swapping any internal component and do all what is required to provide remote access to your support engineers.

That’s the easy part.

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The more tricky bit is when the network is down and you don’t know where the problem lies.

That’s when it is really critical to be able to rely on a team of experts, who know what they are doing and are able to identify and resolve the issue quickly.

B-612 engineers’ experience and knowledge is based on performing a wide variety of Remote Hands & Eyes Support activities on a daily basis, and having done so for many years. So they definitely do know what they are doing.

But critically they are problem solvers, with the right set of skills and methods to get to the roots of the problem quickly and diagnose the issue accurately.


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Depth and Breadth of Expertise

Here's a few examples of some of the tasks we complete for our customers on a daily basis:

  • / General network and system troubleshooting investigations
  • / Circuit testing with carriers, liaising with third party engineers
  • / Server replacement & upgrade
  • / Router & switch troubleshooting
  • / Replacing testing & certifying faulty cables
  • / Power audits & balance checks
  • / OS & software configuration & reinstallation
  • / End to end fibre circuit testing
  • / Uplink troubleshooting & Investigating