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B-612 has over 10 years experience installing, commissioning and troubleshooting optically amplified networks.

In this time, we have installed well over 100 systems, ranging from basic 20-channel systems to 80-channel, with a dark fiber span of nearly 100km.

B-612 teams are typically involved from the very first stage of the DWDM installation process all the way through to completion, when we can present a fully balanced, functioning DWDM network.

When managing a DWDM project on your behalf, we will be able to carry out any of the following tasks:

  • / End-to end dark fibre testing using OTDR Instruments
  • / Scope & clean each fibre in the system
  • / Optically balance the network using attenuators along the path
  • / Structured cabling in-rack or cross-rack and terminate in patch panels
  • / Audit & label the network and provide documentation upon completion


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We can help troubleshoot any issues with the dark fiber span.

Our teams have extensive experience working with a wide range of vendors, including:

  • / Infinera
  • / Ciena
  • / BTI
  • / Cisco
  • / Huawei

Due to their specific nature, DWDM projects typically involve a larger number of stakeholders than most standard network setups. To ensure a smooth process all around, we will liaise with all the various stakeholders involved, including your DWDM team, the dark fibre providers and various data-centre engineers.