Customer Support

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The engineers servicing your network should know your network set-up and various procedures like the back of their hands.

To make sure that’s the case, we’ll assign to you an account support team, trained to your specific requirements, to assist you 24/7.

Whether you need help on a Monday afternoon, in the middle of the night or on a national holiday, we will make sure you always get the most qualified engineers servicing your network, already familiar with your team and equipment.

  • / Round the clock technical support
  • / Clear & simple procedures to raise tickets 24/7
  • / Induction to your specific network setup
  • / Assigned support teams
  • / Single point of contact

Everything we do is Remote. It’s in the title. So effective real-time communication is critical.

You operate a global network and your teams likely span multiple locations around the world. As do ours. In the realm of Remote Hands & Eyes support, completing a job from start to finish will often involve having multiple stakeholders communicating across different countries, time zones and potentially continents. And to do it fast.

To make sure we work with you as seamlessly as possible, we have implemented the following engagement processes and channels:

  • / State of the art proprietary ticketing system
  • / Dedicated communication channels for real time updates
  • / Seamless tailored sign-off processes
  • / Possible API integration with your ticketing system

Having the right infrastructure in place to communicate effectively with your teams, means we create optimum conditions for a successful services delivery. It also makes for a stress free and pleasant process for all parties involved.

Streamlined Engagement Channels

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Customer satisfaction is embedded in everything we do.

Working with assigned dedicated team will enable us build a solid relationship with your teams and develop the understanding we need to tailor our services appropriately to meet your specific requirements.

And to make sure that we are delivering on our commitments and against your expectations, we’ll regularly check in with you to see how we’re doing.

  • / Robust SLAs and KPIs
  • / Clear escalation paths & triggers
  • / Regular account reviews and feedback loops