ISO 9001 Standard


B-612 is committed to deliver the best possible hardware technical support to our customers and consistently meet the highest quality standard. To demonstrate our commitment to quality, B-612 has recently successfully achieved an ISO 9001 certification, establishing us as one of the leaders in our field. 


B-612 has now earned the right to display the coveted British Assessment Bureau ISO 9001 certification mark to demonstrate its conformance to the standard.


Why ISO 9001?

ISO 9001 is an international, expert consensus on best practice

for quality management, and ISO's most well known standard,

being implemented by more than one million organisations in

some 175 countries.


The standard has customer satisfaction at its core and is about

demonstrating that we have control of every step of our service delivery.

It is everything we stand for.


It is also a standard that it is applicable to any size of organisation,

in any sector. That means our business is certified to the same standard

as some of the world’s largest and most reputable companies. 


What are the key benefits of our ISO 9001 certification to our customers?

A study by the Harvard Business School shows that ISO 9001

certified organisations perform better than other organisations.


Having our processes audited by a reputable independent third party

organisation, is designed to provide our customers with tangible evidences

of our ability to consistently deliver the highest quality of service.


The certification also provide external proof and reassurance to our clients

that we have the right tools and systems in place in order to:

  • Achieve continual improvement

  • Ensure greater consistency, with traceability

  • Minimise room for errors and therefore avoid need for re-work

  • Increase business efficiency and profitability



Who certified us?

The British Assessment Bureau, leader in their field, conducted our ISO 9001 independent assessment. With over 40 years experience in the assessment industry. The British Assessment Bureau regularly certifies thousands of clients to ISO's management standard suite. Whilst trusted by the likes of Disney and Xerox, the British Assessment Bureau are just as committed to young and aspiring small businesses, and this was Key to B-612.